9 Surefire Ways to Select a Tarot Deck That’s Right for You

If you are a beginner, selecting a perfect deck can be a tiring job. With varieties of tarot decks available, each offering its own myths and energies, it is overwhelming to choose one.

But don’t worry here we present 9 ways that will simplify the process for you. Have a read!


  1. Feel the Personal Connection

When you visit a store to buy a deck of tarot cards, handle all the decks available in the store. Look for a deck that keeps getting your attention.

The right deck for you will make you resonate as if it is your extended self. Feel that connection and choose the deck that feels right.


  1. Study the Tarot Cards

Look to the details of each card inside the deck, see if they appeal you. Try interpreting the images and the artwork on the cards.

Consider both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards. Also look at the back side of the cards.


  1. Consider the Information Available

In case you are looking for a deck that has numerous guides on it regarding the symbols, images and their interpretations then the Rider Waite deck is perfect for you.

The guides to the Thote, Osho and Spiral Tarot decks have also been available in various standard books.

For tarot cards other than these, you have to rely on the little guide that comes with the deck or your own understanding of the symbols, images, myths and numerology etc.


  1. Your Experience Level

Don’t forget considering your experience level in tarot reading. If you are a beginner, we suggest you to buy the Rider Waite deck. You can find a lot of information about the symbols and pictures on this deck. Also, it is quite simple.

If you are an experienced tarot reader, you may go for a complex deck that has more conceptual meanings related to the symbols.


  1. Select the Tarot Cards that Fits you the Best

There are different sizes of tarot card decks available. The size is more important for handling and shuffling the cards. To avoid clumsiness, select the size that fits you the best.

Try handling it before you buy one and also practice shuffling before making the readings.


  1. Your Purpose to Select a Tarot Card Deck

Determine the purpose why you want a tarot deck. If it’s just a collection item that appeals you then you don’t have to worry about anything.

In case you want one for tarot reading, pick one that interprets something meaningful.

If you are reading for someone else, then consider a deck that appeals your client.


  1. Quality of Tarot Card Deck

There are tarot cards that are thick and can be used for years but some cheaper low quality reproductions are also available. Such cards are easily torn and don’t last a few months.

If you are a regular tarot reader, go for quality.


  1. Buy your Own Deck

Modern tarot readers say that there’s no problem in buying your own deck. It is not necessary that you receive one as a gift, go to the store and grab one that feels right.


  1. Read the Reviews

Reviews from other card readers can be a great help to select a perfect deck. Read the online reviews on various tarot cards before you decide to buy one.

Follow these simple tips and you have the perfect tarot cards in your hand.


5 Ways You Can Learn to Read Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are popular these days. If you want to learn to read these cards, you will need knowledge and intuition as both play their part to help you read these cards. Below are 5 ways you can learn to read Tarot cards and become aware of your own future.

  1. Understand different Tarot decks and pick your favorite

When go in the market for Tarot cards, you are going to find a lot of decks. For example, there is a Rider-Waite Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, DruidCraft Tarot, and Morgan-Greer Tarot. These are two most popular decks. However, you don’t have to restrain yourself to these choices. Every year new Tarots are published. You can read reviews of these new Tarots and see if a new deck is what you want. But you can also pick up a classic Tarot deck.

  1. Understand how the Tarots work

One of the most important steps in order to read Tarots is to transfer your energy into the deck and develop a mission statement. You should hold the deck and then shuffle it many times. When you spend time with your cards, hold them, and shuffle them often, you transfer your energy into your deck.

You also need to understand a Tarot deck. Here are some points that would help you know basic concepts of Tarot decks.

  • There are a total of 78 cards in a deck.
  • A standard Tarot deck has 56 minor arcane and 22 major arcane.
  • Major arcane represents events and stages of life. These are common to all humans. However, the journey of one’s life will be different from journey of other people depending on how the major arcane is laid out.
  • Minor arcane represents feelings, emotions, and people who are connected with these feelings and emotions. These cards also represent circumstances.
  • Ideally, you should remember all the 78 cards, including major and minor arcane.
  1. Read a book on Tarot

A good book can always be a great help. You will find many good books on Tarots that can teach you a lot of stuff including how to read Tarots.

Although reading a book on Tarots is a great way to start learning the basics but you shouldn’t rely too much on any book as you want to practice and memorize cards and not just read about them. You won’t be able to read the cards until you practice often.

  1. Start practice by picking a card a day

The best way to learn Tarots is to practice. Combine your knowledge and intuition. It will take time and practice so start by picking a card a day. Try to get insight into your future and see how your day would be according to the Tarot.

  1. Start practicing card combinations and become a master reader

Now that you have the knowledge and you have developed some intuition with your deck by reading a card daily, it’s time to start practicing combinations. The best way to practice this is to pick a few cards from the deck and see them as connected to each other. Try to figure out the meaning of these cards using your knowledge and intuition. This will help you develop a deeper understanding of Tarots.


5 Best Tarot Books for Beginners

Tarot reading often starts with reading tarot books. The more you read, the more knowledge you get about the subject. You can also learn to extract more meaningful interpretations through reading these books.

With numerous books available, it is difficult to decide where to begin with. Here are 5 best tarot books for beginners that will certainly prove a great help.

  1. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot by Mark McElroy

This is a simple book with detailed guide on how to read tarot cards. It also suggests tips that will help you to be a tarot reader.

This book will also help you to select a deck that is right for you, other tarot resources that can improve your readings and how to draw your own insights from different cards.


  1. Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning

An excellent source to start with, this book explains every detail about tarot reading at one place. Joan Bunning is the first choice for all sorts of beginners.

She also has an entire website dedicated to teach tarot reading. It has practical demonstrations of interpreting the 78 card deck. Along with these interpretations, she provides 19 lessons on how to read tarot cards.

All this information from her website is available in her book.


  1. Mastering the Tarot by Paul Fenton-Smith

This book by Paul Fenton-Smith is a remarkable guide to learn the techniques and skills to be an effective tarot reader. Though this book is aimed for professional tarot readers, the beginners can equally benefit from the tips presented in this book.

It is a great book to polish your tarot reading style and skills even if you are just reading it for the sake of reading.

This book uses real life examples to help readers understand tarot reading in a better way.


  1. Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom is considered to be the bible of tarot reading. Pollack has explained each and every concept of tarot reading in the finest details.

This book is a blend of traditional symbolism with modern psychological aspects of card reading.

The beginners should first have a thorough understanding of tarot cards before digging into the deeper details of this book.

Pollack’s work in this book is appreciated by every tarot reader since it provides the best understanding of the tarot cards and their interpretations.


  1. Tarot For Yourself by Mary K Greer

Greer’s this tarot guide is an old publication yet it is a great book to start with. Even the professionals can have great benefits from this book.

The author, Mary K. Greer is one of the gurus of tarot reading. Her book is more like a tarot Journal. It can be considered as a workbook for the tarot readers that help them to keep a check on meditations, rituals, spreads, numerology, astrology, dialogues, charts and healings.

Through this guide, you can have hands on experience in tarot reading.

Through these 5 books, you can certainly have a great start with tarot reading.


A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Cards

When it comes to tarot cards, we ultimately end up imagining the candle lit setups and mystical dress ups of the tarot card readers. We assume it to be something magical. But in reality, it has more to do with your intuition and self-spirituality.

Tarot cards help to analyze the events and energies that we are likely to encounter in future like happiness, patience, love, new beginnings etc.

A deck of 78 cards usually, needs not to be reserved for some special occasions. Instead, it can guide you on how to deal with your emotions, relations and environment in your routine life.

So, if you are a beginner here’s a guide to read tarot cards. But before that let’s hear it from professional tarot card readers what does it actually mean.

Tarot Cards – What do they tell?

Paige Zaferiou tells that these cards are not your future predicting crystal balls, instead they serve as maps. It’s more like consulting your GPS to have a better understanding of the challenges coming in your way.

Molly Burkett says that tarot cards guide you as a map so that you can plan the strategies earlier to deal with the future.

Another professional tarot reader Bakara Wintner considers that future can’t be predicted as it keeps on changing depending on our choices. Tarot cards only give you an insight to find a good fortune.

How to select the perfect deck for you?

Zaferiou has the answer for your question. She suggests you to select a deck that makes you feel some connection with it.

Resonance and connection are the two words that define the right deck for you. Select the tarot cards whose images make you feel as if they are your extended self.

Wintner suggests Rider Waite, Thoth, Osho, The Wild Unknown and Spiral Tarot decks for the beginners. She says that these decks are widely used and you can find a guide to interpret the images on these cards more easily.

How to read tarot cards?

Once you have selected a deck, it’s time to read them. It is believed that tarot cards must be gifted by someone and not be purchased. But modern practitioners allow buying your own deck.

To read the tarot cards, while there are guides available to interpret the images, it still depends on your own intuition. It’s on you how you interpret the figures.

Zaferiou suggests you to maintain a balance between the symbolic interpretations and your own gut feeling for a particular situation.

While it is difficult to memorize all the symbolic interpretations, don’t forget the real purpose of tarot reading. You must believe your inner goodness to make a reading.

When you read tarot cards for another person, you should consider it as a conversation rather than a dictation. It should be taken as listening to the experiences of your client with an upbeat for curiosity.

You can create your own personalized guide for what each card indicate. Simply record the keywords or phrases that come to your mind when you see a particular card.

As your practice grows, your reading becomes more refined but there is never a final state for a tarot reader, you simply keep on learning and improving with each reading.




How to Set Your Goals with the Help of Tarot

Tarot can help you set goals and intentions for your life. If you are able to set your daily intentions, you’d be able to control your reality. Setting your daily intentions with the help of Tarot will help you become your own creator of destiny.

One of our clients, the owner of an air conditioning repair company in Trenton, set a goal of 50% growth over a three month period.  He reached his goals in two months!  This is probably partly because of his increased focus on improving all aspects of his business that make it great.

When you set your goals using Tarot, you can get a clear focus on what’s coming ahead for you during the day. It will help you control your desires and direct them wherever you want. Once you are able to control your intention through daily Tarot reading, you will be able to set long-term goals. You can also keep track of these goals.

When you read Tarots every day and use them to set your goals, you choose the most positive outcome and therefore express energy that helps you become the receiver and sender of intention. That’s how you start controlling your destiny.

How to set your goals using Tarot

To set your daily intention using Tarot, you need to follow these basic and simple steps.

  • Pick a card from the deck daily. Take this card and think of a positive statement about the card. Make sure you combine your intuition with knowledge of Tarot to come up with a positive statement.
  • Now connect this positive energy to your thought and figure out how it all connects with your life. Figure out how it can relate to your goals in life. If you need to modify the statement to some extent, go ahead and make sure it responds to your special goals.
  • This energy that you have just created using Tarot is going to help you define your intention and therefore pursue goals in life. You need to meditate about this newly created energy. You should be able to see how this energy will help you take control of your destiny.
  • Add more detail and visualize your day. Think about the positive outcome and start believing that it has already been decided. The stronger you believe in it, the higher the chance to shape the intention.
  • Now turn this statement and positive energy into proclamation. This will help you turn it into your reality.
  • Now go back to the statement and repeat it to yourself. You can do it silently or aloud as you feel comfortable. Make sure it becomes a part of your NOW.

One of the most important things when using this method to set goals in life is to realize that thoughts create reality. Your only limitation is what your mind creates for you. If you let the limitations go, there won’t be anything stopping you from achieving what you want.

What are some of the best cards for goal-setting?

Although you can use any Tarot cards to set your goals, there are some cards that are considered ‘special’ when it comes to planning and goal-setting. Here are those popular cards.

  • King of Wands
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • Three of Wands
  • Magician
  • Page of Pentacles
  • Chariot



How to Deal or Spread Tarot Cards?

Spreading the tarot cards is an important aspect in card reading. Since the pattern of the card spread adds to the layer of information being interpreted, many card readers follow a certain pattern for their every reading session.

In order to know about how to deal or spread tarot cards, keep reading the article.

The Basic Thing about Tarot Reading

While the tarot spread pattern influences your interpretation, there is no “one right way”. Every reader has their own style that develops with time.

Decide What to Ask

Being a tarot reader, you need to understand what your client wants to know. Discuss with your client and formulate a question that covers the maximum things about a certain situation.

We suggest you to ask open ended questions rather than the questions that can be answered as a yes or no.

Setting Up the Space for Laying out the Cards

Clear up the space you are going to use for tarot reading. Many tarot readers prefer lighting a white candle or lay out a piece of silk or woollen cloth. Others simply consider cleaning up the table’s surface they are going to use.

In case you are reading for someone else, make them sit next to you so you both can see the cards from same direction.

Now keep calm and try visualizing a mental connection with your client. Your focus should be only on the person you are reading for. At the same time, shuffle the cards in your deck.

How you shuffle your cards, it’s entirely on you. You may make some piles picking one after the other in random order. In case you want to do reversals, keep turning the piles every now and then.

Asking the Tarot a Question

Once your cards are shuffled, hold them in both hands and think about the question. You should feel the transfer of energy while doing so.

Ask your client to cut the cards with left hand. Now shift the bottom pile to the top. Make a mental note of the card at the bottom as it usually enlightens the motives of the client.

Decide the spread pattern and place the cards accordingly from the pile, one after the other. Don’t forget to turn the cards before placing them on the table.

Choosing a Spread

We suggest you to have a small collection of spreads. Choose one that best suits your personal experience, the question and the reading duration combined.

You may use a single card for quick readings. It helps you to give straightforward answers to the questions.

Two card readings can also be quite useful since they allow allocating positions.

There are various spread patterns that are predefined. You can use any number of cards for reading. However, the more the number of cards, the deeper will be the reading.

Usually a 10 cards spread is enough to have a detailed insight into the occurring events for next 12 months or more.

Ensure you have decided a spread pattern before shuffling the cards.




How to Read Tarot Cards: A Step by Step Guide

Tarot cards can be read in number of ways but here we present the simplest of all. This step by step guide will help you to make a meaningful interpretation even if you are a beginner.

This guide is purely based on your intuition. So, grab a notebook and pen and be at ease with your deck of cards ready!

Step 1: Relax

The first and most important step is to relax. Quiet your mind and get ready to listen to your intuition.

Be comfortable and forget all your worries for the moment. Breathing in and out exercise can help you in this regard.

Repeat the process until you feel at ease.

Step 2: Clear off Your Tarot Deck

Your deck has the energies from your past readings or the last person who touched it. Clear off these energies. The best way is to shuffle your deck for a few times.

Once shuffled, hold it in your hands for some time. Visualize a white light moving from your arms down to the deck.

This way, your deck will be cleared and you’ll develop a strong connection with your tarot cards.

Step 3: Ask a Question

Ask what you want to ask either through your mind or out loud. Imagine your question is being settled into the deck.

Try asking open ended questions. For example, how can I make the most out of my current job?

Allow your question to travel from your mind into the deck.

Step 4: Cut the Deck

Put down the deck of tarot cards on the table right in front of you. Use your left hand and cut the deck in two halves. Now separate the upper pile and place it on your left.

Now that you have two piles, pick the top most card from the right pile and turn it over.

Step 5: Read the Card

Now it’s time to take out your pen and paper. You need to note down a few things.

  1. Record the First Impression

What was your first impression when you turn over the card? Note it down. The first impressions are usually uninterrupted and full with intuitive insight.

  1. Consider the Body Messages

Your intuition is often communicated through body sensations like a tight stomach. Note down if you get any such sensation when you first see your card.

  1. Say Your Card’s Name Out Loud

Saying your card’s name out loud often open pathways and you may get more information.

  1. Record the Colour

The colour of your tarot card has a lot to do with its interpretation. Note down the colour of your card and its affect on you.

  1. Note Down the Action

Note down if the illustrations are still or moving.

  1. Look for the Characters and Symbols

The characters whether human or animal have a message. Imagine a conversation with them and try interpreting that message.

Also the symbols communicate hidden meanings. Meditate and note down what they say to you.

Step 6: Closing

When you feel everything’s sorted, have a silent moment with your deck in your hands. Absorb the readings. Reshuffle the deck and place it back.



Three Simple Principles to Help You Find the Tarot Deck of Your Dreams

As the options increase in the occult store, the decision to pick the right deck becomes more difficult. Though tarot readers suggest picking one that speaks back to you but this mantra do not work always.

Here are 3 simple principles that will help you to find the deck of your dreams. So before you decide to buy a deck, consider these:

  1. Your Purpose to Buy a Deck

Before you are convinced by the outlook of a deck or the reviews by the tarot community, take some time and consider why you want to buy a deck.

Once you analyze the purpose to buy a new deck, your options will be reduced. To help you further, here are some common purposes:

  • Learning to Read – You may want one to learn tarot reading. There are special decks available for the beginners to learn the basics of reading tarot cards. Rider Waite style decks can be your thing.
  • Reading for You – If you are interested to read a tarot deck for yourself, then a Quest Tarot or a Comparative Tarot can be great. List down the things you want to read for yourself through a deck.
  • Reading for Others – Selection of a deck to make a tarot reading for others is a little complex. On one hand, the comfort level of your client matters while on the other hand your reading style has a lot to do with it. Quest Tarot, Tarot of the Master or the Classical Tarots can be used for public readings.


  1. The Appealing Art Style

It is not necessary that you should have a thorough understanding of arts to select a deck. You know what you appeal you and that’s fairly enough.

Once you have determined the purpose, look for a deck that keeps on getting your attention through its images and art work.

To analyze your connection with an art work on the cards, consider the following factors:

  • Illustrations on the Pip Cards – Pip cards or the suit cards numbered 1 to 10 has certain illustrations. See if they intrigue an interpretation.
  • Colours – Different decks offer various hand painted, water coloured images. Look for the style you get attracted to.
  • Style – According to your taste, you may love the traditional antique decks or you may like the contemporary styles.
  • Theme – Whatever you like, there’s an entire deck based on that theme. Be it animals, myths, fantasy or erotic art.


  1. The Features on the Cards

Once done with the purpose and the art style, next thing is the features of the card that helps you deciding the right deck. These include:

  • The Text – Does the text on the cards like keywords, phrases, titles etc attract you or annoy you? Make your own decision.
  • Structure – Usually the decks follow 78 cards structure but variations are also available. Reversing the cards, addition of new cards etc. Decide what you enjoy.
  • Companion Book – Do you love a detailed companion book or a few steps guide is okay? It can alter your decision to finalize a deck.

When all these three principles are sorted, the deck of your dreams will be in your hands.



Top 10 Best Tarot Decks for Beginners

Tarot reading is an exciting experience. It is a great psychic tool to answer the never ending questions in your mind. It gives a meaning to your intuitions and gut feelings.

With thousands of options available in the market, it is difficult to select the right deck especially for beginners. Read the article to know the top 10 best decks that should be used by the beginners.

  1. Rider Waite Smith

The most popular deck Rider Waite Smith was designed by Pamela Smith alongside Arthur E. Waite. This deck was introduced in the 20th century. Since then, it has been widely used.

Anyone who wants to learn tarot reading, this deck is the perfect choice for them.

  1. Gaian Tarot

Joana Powel Colbert introduced this deck in 2011. This deck is quite popular among tarot community.

Though this deck follows the traditional numerical sequence found in almost all decks, it differs in the use of the images printed on the cards. This deck uses more nature oriented pictures.

Specifically designed for healing and introspection this deck is great to create a tarot journal.

  1. Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Being designed by Ciro Marchetti – a graphic artist having an in-depth knowledge about tarot reading, this deck offers wonderful images. It is one attractive tarot deck for the beginners.


  1. The Gilded Tarot

This is the first ever tarot designed by the graphic artist Ciro Marchetti. Barbara Moore wrote the text for these cards.

It is based on the traditional RCW clone. The guide accompanied with this deck plays a vital role in understanding and interpreting these cards.


  1. Tarot of Ascension

Released in 2010, Tarot of Ascension was designed by Lo Scarabeo. The deck was formed on Mayan Calendar Lore beliefs.

This deck will help you to begin with predictive and self discovery readings.


  1. Wheel of the Year Tarot

Another deck designed by Lo Scarabeo, Wheel of the Year Tarot is perfect for Pagan and Wiccan theme lovers.

It shows the seasonal symbolism and is great for people who want to learn predictions related to their health and aging.


  1. The Wizard’s Tarot

For the adventure seekers of the wizard world, this deck by Corrine Kenner may do wonders.

Accompanied with a comprehensive guide, the Wizard’s Tarot can be used for any kind of tarot reading.


  1. The Fairy Tale Tarot

As the name suggests, this deck introduces a fairyland with its images and symbols presented on the cards. Lisa Hunt designed this deck.

This deck will lead you to discover your hidden self. It is perfect for children.


  1. The Mythic Tarot

This work of 80’s was re-illustrated in 2011. Based on the world of Greek Mythology, it is the best deck available for reading predictions and psychology.

Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke wrote the book that comes along with this deck. The book is really helpful.


  1. The Sharman Casseli Deck

This all purpose tarot deck is close to Rider Waite Smith clone. It is designed by Juliet Sharman Burke and illustrated by Gionnani Casseli.

These decks are in our top 10 tarot decks list for the beginners. You can share your favourite picks in the comments section.




What Are the Best Tarot Cards to Buy?

For all the tarot lovers, we have provided a list of best tarot cards to buy. These tarot cards have attracted a number of tarot readers. They are preferred by many since they successfully developed a strong connection with majority of the tarot readers. Here is the list:

  1. The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot is modern, beautiful and sparse. Designed by Kim Krans, this deck is loved by many in tarot community.

Many tarot readers believe that this deck provides them strength and make them feel brave. The hand drawn, black ink illustrations activate the chakras in you. The swirling and intense water colours used in this deck give a mysterious vibe.

The deck contains the Major Arcana with suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

These vibrant cards are clear and resonant even for the beginners. Among majority of tarot lovers, this deck seems to be a must-buy. You can have it for $40.


  1. Rider Waite Smith Tarot

This is the deck most tarot readers start with. It is appealing. Even the professional tarot readers keep on coming back to it.

The tarot community reports that the illustrations on these cards by Pamela Colin are like a good friend to whom you keep coming back whenever you feel lost.

The simple images on RWS decks hold a detailed symbolism and extensive interpretations.

The vintage RWS tarot deck has influenced a number of tarot decks and is still in use of the tarot community in its original and influenced versions.


  1. The Shadowscapes Tarot

Appreciated by many tarot readers, this masterpiece by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law is a sure pick to buy.

The book accompanying this deck is written by none other than Barbara Moore. This is another reason to buy this deck.

The water coloured images on the cards are mystical and unique. This deck will take you to a journey on the fantasy land with its gorgeous imagery.

Each card offers a great detail to look for with its mesmerizing and captivating scenery.

You can have the basic 78 cards tarot deck for around $23.


  1. The Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot, though new in the tarot world has gained much popularity among tarot lovers.

The illustrations on these cards are detailed and powerful. They make you feel a special connection with these cards.

The fine details make your mind and heart stir with the slow revelations these cards bring out.

This deck brings out the spirituality and goodness in the reader in the most amazing ways. Your experience of reading these cards is remarkable.

Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro created this stunning tarot deck based on the theme of sacred geometry. You can have this fine art work for around $34.

Based on their popularity and user reviews, we have listed these 4 tarot card decks as the best picks to buy. You can add to our list by sharing your personal favourite decks. We will love to hear from you.




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